8 Reasons Why Cambodian Businesses Should Start Blogging

Not many companies have a blog and those that do cannot sustain the pain it takes to enjoy the benefits in the long run. Some believe that Cambodian people do not read blogs. Others just simply don’t know how to get started.

I started blogging since 2006 and it has helped me in so many areas of my life and career. This article, I hope, will be a wake up call for businesses in Cambodia to take a serious look into this wonderful tool and add it to their content marketing strategy.

Blogging for Cambodian Businesses

Here are eight reasons why Cambodian businesses should start a blog.

1. Help establish your business as an expert in the industry

Being an expert put you ahead of others. Buying books online? Amazon. A web host for my web sites? It must be SiteGround. We buy from experts, not amateurs.

Writing great posts consistently requires a lot of research, reading and experiments. You will gain knowledge on, and experience in, your topic. A few years of consistent blogging, you’ll realize how far you’ve come from where you get started.

2. Build your brand

Blogging can help you become known as a Cambodian law blogger, a content marketing expert in Cambodia, a labour law expert… How do you want to be known for/as? Whatever brand you want to build, blogging can get people to associate your name or business with what it means to be successful in the industry.

3. Help people find your business on the internet

How do you find “Cambodian bloggers”? How about “best places to visit in Siem Reap”? Google, I believe. And guess what ranks best for the two keywords It’s blog posts! Blogs rank well in search engines.

You can optimize how your product ranks on search engines, using blog posts.

4. Engage readers and turn them into customers.

Blogging by nature is engaging. People can comment on it, share it on social media, forward it to a friend… There are many ways to engage audience on your blog. Just a great tool to engage your readers and customers.

If you blog consistently, you will get a following and these people will look forward to your offer and they will buy from you.

5. Keeps the existing customers coming back for more

Blog readers follow their bloggers and read their posts on a regular basis. How many blogs have you subscribed to? I have a couples of blogs that feed me regularly and I would buy from links they send whether or not they’re their own product or ones they recommend.

6. Become and Stay competitive in the market

When I was doing my master’s degree in law in Japan, blogging pushed me to be competitive. I also blog for mental clarity, to keep learning new skills (including blogging itself), stay positive and focus on possibilities in tough times, to improve myself.

That’s how consistent blogging can help you build your brand and and establish your business as an industry expert.

Stand out among competition

7. Blogging is a form of service to your customers, and the world.

Why’s that? First, your business provides solution to something. With my Blogging for Business Services, I want to help businesses that want to use blogging to grow their business.

Blogging must provide free valuable content to the people who like your products or services if you want to rip the all the benefits. So, it is a form of service I can offer my customers and also anyone who might find my posts on the internet.

8. It is free!

If you already have a web host and website, adding a blog does not cost you anything else. It is a free yet extraordinary marketing tool that I strongly believe Cambodian businesses should start to use to get ahead of their competition!

Blogging for business is a new trend in the landscape of content marketing in Cambodia as more and more Cambodians are using the web and make purchases online.

My advice would be for you to get started now and be the first to claim your authority as an industry expert from who our new tech savvy consumers will buy and keep coming back for more of what you have to offer.

I personally provide blogging for business services. If you think I can help, please feel free to reach out for free consultation – Telegram, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

About the Author

Samphy is a facilitator, blogger, consultant and lifelong learner. His writing and ideas here focus around self-improvement, blogging and facilitation.