A great reason to start a business blog in Cambodia

I’ve written a post on 8 reasons why Cambodian businesses should start blogging. Now, I’ll add this too.

Cambodian business blogging

Start a blog and be the first business in Cambodia to use this wonderful content marketing tool!

I am not saying that blogging is easy. It is just a great cheap marketing tool. How much do you spend for Facebook ads per month? How about the billboard? Even a single round of massive flyer distribution costs you more than blogging.

Blogging is not only cheap but even free if you already have your business website somewhere. You can even use a free blogging platform like WordPress.com. But why not spend just a few dollars a month on web hosting? Then, you can design a great-looking blog that will help you and your business in the long run.

Well, I personally provide blogging for business services. If you think I can help, please feel free to reach out for free consultation – TelegramWhatsApp, or Messenger.

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