What I’ve learned about pain

38 years into life journey (almost 39), I've come to learned a few things about pain. First, It is inevitable. I've been in so many pains in life I've already lost count of - pains from my wounds, rejections, failures, relationships, reading, writing, education, learning new things in life. 

Also, some pains are worth it; others are not. Some pains are relative; others are absolute. There are different kinds of pain. Which kind will you choose? 

This kind of pain?

or this?

How about this? 


or this?

Nice house

How about these?

broken heart

Some pains are worth it and others are not.

Pain that you get in the gym and at the kitchen table can get you in better shape, get healthier and build stronger muscles - these are worth it. The pain of getting rejected and failing time and again until you get there are worthwhile.

Some pains are relative; others absolute. 

If you can sustain the pain of eating healthy and weight lifting long enough, you will definitely get in shape and be healthy. That's absolute.

There is no guarantee that if you can sustain the pain of a relationship long enough you'll become happy. You can't be sure to be successful in life and business if you can sustain the pain of failures long enough. 

Some pains are worth it; others are not. Some are relative; others absolute. They are inevitable.

Choose our pains wisely.

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