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The Essential Guide to Email Productivity

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Y Samphy

Hi, I'm Samphy.

LL.M. in Labour Dispute Resolution, Japan (2009)

B-Ed in Teaching English as Foreign Language, Cambodia (2005)

Bachelor in Law, Cambodia (2002)

I am a business and legal consultant. My former employers and clients include embassies, multinational consulting companies, law firms, and NGOs.

Productivity and self-improvement are at the heart of my career and life.  

I am always curious and open to learning and understanding myself, others and the world we live in with the help of mindfulness and meditation. I love psychology books. 

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This website is devoted to sharing my ideas, tools and resources on productivity and self-improvement to help you work and live meaningfully. 

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Learn my research and views on life's most important topics: Productivity and Self-improvement

The Essential Guide to Email Productivity

Learn these techniques to stop email overwhelm and take back control of your work and life

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This is the essential guide to iPhone configurations and apps for fearless productivity. In fact, they’ve helped also me improve my state of mind.

Being judgmental does more harm than good in most cases. Learn five ways you can practice now to become less judgmental immediately…

The ability to produce more or better? Is productivity about quality or quantity?

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Y Samphy

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