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On productivity

The ability to produce more or better? Is productivity about quality or quantity?

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Elastic Habits: My Experiment and Insight

Here’s what I’ve learned about Elastic Habits after practicing it for three weeks and other habit systems for more over ten years

Book Review: Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Summary of START WITH WHY, the three tweetable quotes from the book, my insight and an action you can take – Check out my review of START WITH WHY by Simon Sinek.

A great reason to start a business blog in Cambodia

I’ve written a post on 8 reasons why Cambodian businesses should start blogging. Now, I’ll add this too. Start a blog and be the first business in Cambodia to use this wonderful content marketing tool! I am not saying that blogging is easy. It is just a great cheap marketing tool. How much do you

40 Powerful Questions You Can Use in Facilitation to Get People to Open Up

Answers give you knowledge. Questions give you better intelligence. If you teach your kid that A is for apple, all he they know is A for apple. But if you ask them a question, they will also learn that A is for airplane, ant, alligator, axe, ambulance, accordion and abacus. Getting people to open up

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