On productivity

April 9, 2020

The ability to produce more or better? Is productivity about quality or quantity?

In other words, are you productive when you produce large amounts of outputs? Or when you produce quality outputs? Or both?

For me, the goal of productivity isn’t to get me to work non-stop and produce a large amount of outputs but it is to help you stay focused on my meaningful work. But to be focused, I’d also need to take care of my “stuff” and distractions, and most importantly, I need to take care of myself.

Motivation doesn’t work. You’ll need the right system and habits.

(Check out these 190 productivity quotes to get started with your productivity journey!)

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Y Samphy

About the author

I am a business and legal consultant. My former employers and clients include embassies, multinational consulting companies law firms and NGOs. Productivity and self-improvement are at the heart of my career and life. On this website, I want to help you become more productive and live up to your potential. Learn more about me here.

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